Bronze Bars
Power Hacksaw Blades (HSS)

Röntgen is one of the leading manufacturers of metal band saw blades world-wide. Based on their long experience in producing metal saw blades, we supply standard and custom made solutions for the metal cutting industry. 

The materials from which saw blades are manufactured play a significant role in the life and performance of the blade. High-speed steel blades (HSS) are harder than steel blades and stay sharper longer. 

The high-performance power hacksaw blades which are available in various qualitites such as 2-iks, Moly and Moly7 are suitable for cutting material from simple carbon steel up to chromium nickel steel. 

In addition the break-proof bimetal blade bi-alfa is available.

Reliable and cost-efficient performance on your sawing machine is guaranteed. Experience our service and the quality of our products. 


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